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File: Addon Manager05-29-07
This looks cool, I'll be trying it...
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This looks cool, I'll be trying it out later today :)
File: AuctionFilterPlus01-24-07
Feature request: this was posted...
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Feature request: this was posted on the WoW suggestion forums Currently, all Jewelcrafter-cut Gems are filed under the generic "Trade Goods -> Gems" subcategory along with regular/old crafting gems, making it virtually impossible to simply browse through them. I suggest adding sub-groups under "Trade Goods -> Gems" to organiz...
File: BuyDropper01-05-07
awesome, thanks Cog :D Alphas are...
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awesome, thanks Cog :D Alphas are FUN! I'll post a bug report if i find anything getting funky on me.
File: BuyDropper12-28-06
Is this ever getting updated Cog?...
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Is this ever getting updated Cog? FreeRefills doesn't work very well... So I was hoping that this was gona get it's standalone upgrade.
File: HitList12-16-06
nope.. says it's incompatible
Posted By: Blissfulpain
nope.. says it's incompatible
File: Scrolling Combat Text03-05-06
Addon Error (test server)
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http://www.wowwiki.com/Broken_Addons_0.10:_Repair_and_Reporting WoWWiki: Repair and Reporting
File: SpelloutMacro02-23-06
I just downloaded the new version.....
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I just downloaded the new version... works exactly the same as the old one on my end :) and displays the highest rank, which is just fine for me. thx again, Gello