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File: Aurora05-04-13
I'm not sure what you did to those...
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I'm not sure what you did to those buttons originally, but you could probably just do for i = 1, 7 do _G.background:SetVertexColor(0, 0, 0, .5) end You should find out the name of the tabs OverAchiever added, easiest was is to use /framestack ingame and put your mouse over the tabs. Then use F.ReskinTab on them. will tr...
File: Aurora05-03-13
@ alaerwen; What exactly do you sti...
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@ alaerwen; What exactly do you still need help with now? making the achievements in achievementframe abit darker, i managed to fix the uncompleted ones, but completed ones are still originally transparent, and also the tabs added by OverAchiever (as shown on screenshot) are not skinned, not sure how to get them skinned tbh.....
File: Aurora04-25-13
Problem with OverAchiever and another thing
Posted By: alaerwen
I have been trying to change the extratabs given from overachiever, but not succeeded ): Also I have been trying to make the achievementframes abit darker, managed to get the unfinished achievements the color I want, and also the achievement summary, but would want the completed achievements in the list abit darker aswell(just not...
File: oUF Lanerra07-04-11
Re: Sorry, folks :(
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Originally posted by Lanerra I'm sorry for this folks, but due to financial hardship, I have to cancel my WoW account temporarily which means I won't be able to maintain my unit frames. They're all updated to function through 4.2, so hopefully it will last until I come back. Until then, I will do my best to keep it up to date, but...
File: oUF Lanerra07-03-11
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Could I kindly ask what chat addon you are using? =) Been looking for a addon putting the chat tabs below for weeks now... Creds for the frames, awesome layout