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File: Quse UI06-09-13
try http://www.wowinterface.com/dow...
Posted By: pitschi
try http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info15425-oUFMovableFrames.html for moving ouf frames. just type ingame /omf .
File: FreeUI06-05-13
Re: FreeUI raidframes
Posted By: pitschi
Hey i'm a healer on wow and got the problem that when i activate freeui while in party, the party puts some people under the actionbars. So i can't target people anymore. I don't really know how to make it change. FreeUI is already in healer spec. if you could help with it i would be glad since its kinda troubling when the rbg's...
File: RealUI12-14-11
Buggrabber Errors
Posted By: pitschi
Hi there. With my main character i getting almost no errors from buggrabber. But when i log on with one of my twinks, buggrabber just spamming my chat with the message that there are found too much errors and it has been shut down to prevent damage. The errors are 90% of them something with bartender. Updating / Reinstall didnt wo...
File: RealUI10-05-11
Good Textures, good Coding, good ne...
Posted By: pitschi
Good Textures, good Coding, good new Stuff. Too bad that shitty font, want the RealUI 6 Font back -.-
File: RealUI07-10-11
is it possible to change grid with...
Posted By: pitschi
is it possible to change grid with vuhdo or healbot? everytime when i replaced grid with any other raid frames then i get over 20 errors per second in a fight (buggrabber says so) what can i do? tnx 4 help ps: maybe make a forum for help on the realui.net page. better then this long comment thread :D