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File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-28-14
Re: Re: WoD Beta If..
Posted By: Kj_Zenkarma
Oh wow! would rewriting them be a huge process? Have you been in beta yet? And keep me posted on whatever I can do to help you out :) @Kj_Zenkarma Yeah. I have not decided yet if I want to copy paste the addons or if I want to rewrite them.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-27-14
WoD Beta If..
Posted By: Kj_Zenkarma
Hey I got access to beta so if you need me to test out anything for your addon let me know. It feels wrong not having it haha
File: rBBS, an art framework07-11-11
Orb Animation & Action Bar
Posted By: Kj_Zenkarma
Ok, been using this addon for a while now and just recommended it to a friend and saw you made basically a whole new version with upgraded features. I am having a hard time getting rid of the "Action Bars" graphics like on the old version I did "/rbbs setbar bar1" as I only wanted one bar to show is that still possible? & second h...