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File: CoolLine08-30-12
Error after patch
Posted By: Tzarina
After the patch I have started to get this error: 105x CoolLine-4.3.002\core.lua:417: GetSpellBookItemName(): Invalid spell slot CoolLine-4.3.002\core.lua:417: in function CoolLine-4.3.002\core.lua:436: in function "SPELLS_CHANGED" CoolLine-4.3.002\core.lua:264: in function "?" CoolLine-4...
File: Alt-Tab Toggle09-16-11
Loading screen
Posted By: Tzarina
Hello! Just stumbled upon this addon and it looks fantastic, however, I was wondering if it is possible to add an option to force WoW to the foreground when loading screens are finished? In some cases I have pretty long loading screens, so I usually alt-tab out in the meanwhile.
File: Power Auras Classic07-14-11
Aura for both cooldown and duration
Posted By: Tzarina
I tried searching a fair bit for this but didn't find any tips on how to do this. Basically, I'm trying to make an aura that shows both my cooldown and duration of Demon Soul. I even tried making 2 auras on top of each other but the problem I'm having is that the cooldown aura displays when I still have the buff. Is there a way to...