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File: CoolLine09-18-12
Broken Vehicle Cooldown
Posted By: oldcat
With 5.0.X patch, VehicleMenuBar is replaced by OverrideActionBar So in core.lua line #578 must be changed like below. VehicleMenuBarActionButton >> OverrideActionBarButton PS. Sorry, I'm not good at English. :)
File: CoolLine09-15-12
Hi totalpackage current 5.0.003...
Posted By: oldcat
Hi totalpackage current 5.0.003 version cache spells code caches all spells only in spell tab 2. so I made some change in cache spells code. changed code uses GetSpellBaseCooldown(spellID) API. please, Look & Test this code. http://pds21.egloos.com/pds/201209/16/59/core.lua
File: Molinari01-11-12
Posted By: oldcat
Thx for update! It works well in koKR client now.
File: Molinari12-18-11
Pick Lock problem
Posted By: oldcat
I'm playing wow in koKR client and I have problem with Pick Lock. ERR_USE_LOCKED_WITH_SPELL_KNOWN_SI >> Pick Lock doesn't work ITEM_MIN_SKILL >> Pick Lock work!
File: CoolLine07-23-11
Posted By: oldcat
i love this addon and i have some suggestion. in core.lua line #423 else CLTip:SetSpellBookItem(i, btype) >> elseif not IsPassiveSpell(i, btype) then CLTip:SetSpellBookItem(i, btype) it may decrease cpu time to search tooltip. thx totalpackage.