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File: MacroTalk10-28-13
Im loooking for someone to take ove...
Posted By: Djidam
Im loooking for someone to take over the project. Im no longer playing wow and i wont resume playing it, so if someone wants this addon to stay alive, feel free to ask.
File: LootSpec05-23-13
Re: Re: ldb addon
Posted By: Djidam
By the way, i have never done ldb addons before, so i will try, but if you have some tips :)
File: LootSpec05-23-13
Re: ldb addon
Posted By: Djidam
Yeah I know, i would want that too^^. One day maybe ;).
File: MacroTalk03-06-13
Posted By: Djidam
Be aware that MacroTalk may not work with previous versions of WoW. If you are running with wow 5.1 or superior, use macrotalk 2.0.8 or superior. For previous versions of wow, use previous versions of the addon. Thanks.
File: MacroTalk01-14-13
Update soon !
Posted By: Djidam
Hey everyone, I've finally decided to check for my "instance chat" problem. It's solved, but I haven't tested it. An update will come out end of this week cause I have to check if /group sends message to /i in LFR/LFG/BG and in /p when in party or /r when in raid (and those without being in an instance). Anyways, after the test...
File: MacroTalk11-29-12
ChatTypeId for the new chat in LFR
Posted By: Djidam
Okay so, I uploaded a fix with H substitution. Now I need the chat id of the one in LFR, and I don't find it, so wait for an working version in LFR of /group command. If you found other bug, don't hesitate to tell me !
File: MacroTalk10-03-12
Re: Re: Re: fix for the group-command
Posted By: Djidam
What command did you type to get this error please ? And in what conditions (target ? zone ? etc...) I know that for instance, macrotalk group command doesn't work with the smartgroup function of Prat (so you have to deactivate it, also this function of prat is broken, so that group command works !) Maybe QHLite interfere, mayb...
File: MacroTalk09-17-12
Re: fix for the group-command
Posted By: Djidam
Yeah sorry, like I said, I dont use all of the options. I updated a quick fixe follwing a comment on curse, but I dont like it. Watch for another update later. PS - Thanks for the comment, I hade the same function to change in another addon, but like I said, I dont know evrey functions of this one, since I took "over" this...
File: MacroTalk08-29-12
Works fine with 5.0.4. Juste update...
Posted By: Djidam
Works fine with 5.0.4. Juste updated the TOC file. If you are having bug with 5.0.4, do not hesitate to open a ticket.
File: MacroTalk02-29-12
Following a request on curse : %...
Posted By: Djidam
Following a request on curse : %sz should now show zone when no subzones. If you don't like the change, stay with version 2.0.2. (I figure some may like having nothing with %sz when no subzones) Next updates will stay with one version only (%sz will always show something). If you don't like this feature, let me know so i can...