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File: MacroSequence08-15-11
is this macro just so you can conti...
Posted By: runescaper11
is this macro just so you can continuously click the same button to cast a sequence of spells? at first i thought it was to cast multi spells with one button :( ive been looking for a while now, can anyone direct me to an addon that will multi cast with one button? (if there is such a thing)
File: AfterCast07-26-11
How does it work?
Posted By: runescaper11
hi Iriel, i downloaded this macro so that my hunter could cast a continued sequence of steady shot to generate focus. i tried this with the /aftercast command but it hasn't worked. here is the macro: #showtooltip /cast Steady Shot /aftercast /Steady shot /aftercast /Steady shot /aftercast /Steady shot ... how will i get...