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File: Ara Broker Tradeskills02-03-15
Re: Reagent Bank
Posted By: zemo
I need some help from the awesome users here. If your materials are in the reagent bank it shows as reagents missing on the tooltip and does not allow you to craft it by clicking. I need some help with adding a check for the reagent bank, but am clueless how to do so. Once I have that I will add another patch. I am also considering m...
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-08-14
Item created
Posted By: zemo
I am trying to get a notification for items created. I have tried and tried to set it up but for the life of me I can not get it to work and need help. I want to create a trigger for the daily cd soulbound items such as Secret of Draenor Alchemy. A step by step short guide on how to do this would be excellent - thanks. I woul...
File: Ketho CombatLog10-09-14
Posted By: zemo
Maybe I am missing the setting or maybe it is not there. Can your addon also announce stuns such as mighty bash?
File: iGuild04-16-12
Does this addon show both public an...
Posted By: zemo
Does this addon show both public and officer notes? I need to be able to see both at same time. If it does is there a shortcut for changing notes?
File: BagSync02-18-12
Any chance of an option to include...
Posted By: zemo
Any chance of an option to include one guild but not another - my play toons have the guild bank they belongs and my ah toon has a private guild bank. Would like to include private but not the other one.
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)07-29-11
How would i go about changing the b...
Posted By: zemo
How would i go about changing the background of the popups (mouseover a plugin)?
File: GridStatusControlPipes07-27-11
I was trying to figure out how to g...
Posted By: zemo
I was trying to figure out how to get my manabars to show class color. Tried several different ways but couldn't figure it out. Could you please give me some instruction on how to do this?