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File: SlashIn ( /in )11-24-11
possible change?
Posted By: Cabinfever
i dont know if what i'm asking is possible :P Im using a timer ingame to track deminishing returns (24 second cooldown): /cast spell /sw 24 /sw play /in 24 /sw The idea is that i use SlashIn to close the stopwatch when it reaches 0 This works fine, however if i press it more than once in the 24 seconds, the stopwatch tim...
File: Duffed UI v510-26-11
Hey im sure this has been asked bef...
Posted By: Cabinfever
Hey im sure this has been asked before but i cannot find the answer. There is an addon tracking interrupt cooldowns, is there a way i can move this frame? EDIT: just found the answer if anyone else is having the same problems: /ii
File: Duffed UI V609-04-11
Skada skinning
Posted By: Cabinfever
I'm not sure whether this is a skada /tukui / duffedUI problem so please bear with me :P When i remove the the title bar in the skada options it doesn't scale the data bars properly. A few updates ago there would be no 'black bar' at the top when there was no title bar. Is there a way i can fix this? http://...