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File: Necrotic monitor08-10-11
Posted By: perro
i have only fixed LUA file, my mistake T^T your reply gives me a perfect answer! i'll waiting for your modified file, but need not hurry! take it slow~~~~~ God bless you, and also your beloved son^^
File: Necrotic monitor08-04-11
mis-operating phenomenon
Posted By: perro
and 1 more, single target Necrotic Strike << operate & disappear well changed target, new Necrotic Strike << operate & disappear well but *changed target, no Necrotic Strike << mis-operating, non-disappear could you fix this phenomenon?
File: Necrotic monitor08-03-11
i want to remove background, T^T
Posted By: perro
your font has been distorted, i saw so i set font // necroticText:SetFont("Fonts\\2002.TTF",self.font_size,"THICKOUTLINE") // and done. here i added outline, so i wanna remove a Black Border(background) but i dun't know what's the id of "transparent template" T^T i'm just waiting someone's help... let me know which par...