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File: Recipe Helper09-22-16
Not working in Legion
Posted By: Lleztrah
This isn't working at all for me with Legion mats. Yes it's installed correctly (I used minion) and showing up on my addons list and is checked. It just isn't doing anything. Edited to add--Older mats it works as intended. Only Legion mats does it not show anything. Edited again because I'm an idiot--ok, legion fish and cloth s...
File: xanChat06-04-12
So after reading your reply I went...
Posted By: Lleztrah
So after reading your reply I went and did what I should have done in the first place. I cleaned out my saved variable files and got rid of the saved variables from the last chat addon I tried. This one seems to be working perfectly now. :o Sorry for jumping the gun and not trying that first--I really do know better.
File: xanChat05-31-12
slash commands not working
Posted By: Lleztrah
This addon worked beautifully right out of the box--until I reloaded my UI. Then the slash commands stopped working. I tried exiting the game and restarting but still no slash commands. What should I try next?