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File: Gem Quota04-17-07
Ah of course ~= ... I just repl...
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Ah of course ~= ... I just replaced the return; with the locales in my local version :o
File: Gem Quota04-16-07
Nice Addon! You could count meta...
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Nice Addon! You could count meta gems.... :rolleyes: Quick German loc: GemCountLocals = { = "Gem Counter Befehle", = "Juwelen", = "an - Aktiviert Gem Counter", = "aus - Deaktiviert Gem Counter", = "Ist jetzt aktiviert!", = "Ist jetzt deaktiviert!", = "Rot", = "Blau", = "Gelb",...
File: FuBar - GarbageFu10-12-06
german localisation
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can you change = "Keine Gegenst\195\164nde zu zerst\195\182ren", to = "Nichts zu zerst\195\182ren", because the second string is much smaller and the "no items" sting is so long in my fubar ^^