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File: Tidy Plates10-11-11
Tidy plate design for range
Posted By: naknekm
This is a great Addon!!! I would like to have a Tidy plate template that does the following: white border on target lights up all enemies within 5 yards (for cleave) outside 5 yards stays faded shows aggro on me shows casts made by target I am wondering if someone can give me some tips on how to design this. I am a comb...
File: Power Auras Classic08-15-11
Powa junk typing in chat window
Posted By: naknekm
I am having a problem with POWA. I try to set up an aura that will only show my combo points. When I set it up it also shows in my chat window a message "check combo points" every time I do an attack or finisher. I have tried several ways to set it up so it won't incessently show the message, but I can't get it to stop. It also...