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File: ClearFont212-09-06
Posted By: rauri
***edit*** Don't mind me, the new version is perfect xD guess the out of date one wasn't doing something before, love it even more now. Thanks xD
File: PerfectRaid09-24-06
Posted By: rauri
Is it possible to hide bars of people who arn't near you? I know it can/does already dim people who are out of range but i just want to be able to glance at it quickly to see who is around me in a BG. Thanks for your time :)
File: PerfectRaid02-28-06
Good Work!
Posted By: rauri
I just wanted to post somthing to show you this project has atleast some interest >_> *just made an account to post this* I really really love this mod, and hope you decide to put more time into it. (Been using WatchDog since a bit before you took over it, I'm also dying for the update on that xD) :D