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File: Phlebotomiser11-12-10
Originally posted by creepy_inc S...
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Originally posted by creepy_inc Sorry for the off-topic question but what do you use to check the CPU usage (profiling?) Broker CPU provides addon level profiling and works great. The main thing to watch out for is that time/memory for shared libraries get added to the first addon that loads them. I have used this addon for a...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-26-10
Target of Target color
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Is there a way to color the target of target bars a certain color if the target is the player? I would find this useful when tanking to make sure that my target is on me. I just moved over from pitbull after doing some profiling. In a raid SUF is my most CPU intensive addon, but it is only about 20% of what pitbull3 was. Keep...
File: Hear Kitty10-06-07
I have been tryign to figure it out...
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I have been tryign to figure it out, but I seem to be having a compatibility problem with Hear Kitty. After the latest patch, some combination of addons causes the sounds to stop playing. In my normal setup I have some 40ish addons, and if I have HK and DrDamage enabled, I get no soudns from HK. However, if I disable everything bu...
File: Class Color Fix01-05-07
I want my cut!
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I demand at least 20% for use of my likeness to sell your product!
File: NeedToKnow01-03-07
One thing that I would like, and ha...
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One thing that I would like, and have kinda been working on is something like this, but that tells me if my target is NOT debuffed with certain debuffs that I can cast. Does this support something like this, or is that something that could be added?