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File: Power Auras Classic10-30-11
Bane of Doom
Posted By: Chuckecheez
Right, I've recently lost all my add-ons for WoW and I'm trying to set them back up. I know I used to have a timer for Bane of Doom which showed the spell icon, but I currently am unable to get any icon but the ?. Am I doing something wrong here?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-27-11
Re: Party Interface showing in Raids.
Posted By: Chuckecheez
Originally posted by dcwarcraft Seems the function to hide the party interface when in ANY Raid is not working since the new patch yesterday. I have the correct box checked, but the party interface is still showing up. I manually disabled the party frames for now, but I am hoping this can be fixed. I've found /reloadui works to...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-27-11
Just started using this on reccomen...
Posted By: Chuckecheez
Just started using this on reccomendation from a guildie and I'm loving it. The only thing is I can't use world markers, or make role checks, is there something I need to enable to be able to use these functions?