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File: Frantik's UI09-06-12
Love it!
Posted By: Torok
Hey Frantik, I decided to test out your UI and I just want to say that I love it. From the unit frames all the way down to the tooltip. Great job man! Quick question though, are you able to track totems with sfilter?
File: Skaarj UI08-13-12
Got an error with NugRunning: Mess...
Posted By: Torok
Got an error with NugRunning: Message: Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:652: attempt to compare nil with number Time: 08/13/12 16:47:27 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\NugRunning.lua:652: in function : in function `sort' Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\NugRunnin...
File: ImmersionUI (ElvUI edit)06-28-12
Posted By: Torok
Excuse me is there any /command or something that will reset the UI from custom settings to the original Immersion UI, if that makes sense >.<
File: FreeUI05-23-12
Totems and Shapeshift
Posted By: Torok
Im not a big LUA code guy just yet, so I was wondering is there a way to make the totem bar and shapeshift bar appear on mouseover?
File: oUF Skaarj08-29-11
Great Frames
Posted By: Torok
I love these unit frames and I hope that maybe sometime soon we will see a config for them, just for us "baddies" at LUA coding. Quick question though, I noticed that the raid frames are vertical. Is there anything I can edit in the LUA folders to make them horizontal?