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File: AffinityUI10-24-11
I found it, toggled my ui and it wa...
Posted By: juiceboxe
I found it, toggled my ui and it was hidden in a corner for some reason : \ EEEK lol
File: AffinityUI10-19-11
Boss buffs
Posted By: juiceboxe
Hey man just started tanking again and can not find a way to get boss buffs to work. I run it through your pre-set moonkin prof just curious if you did something to turn it off maybe? Be awesome if you know how to fix it
File: AffinityUI09-22-11
sorry to bug but i got one more que...
Posted By: juiceboxe
sorry to bug but i got one more question, i just ordered a razer naga and a buddy of mine said you need to use dominos for the naga buttons to work, wondering if the naga would work with current elve ui action bars?
File: AffinityUI09-06-11
Action Bars
Posted By: juiceboxe
i just downloaded the ui duhh hehe, but the action bars are the only thing giving me trouble the rest of the ui is great and super easy to setup. With the action bars it wont let me keybind anything else besides the 1-11 it has and i got a merc so i use a lot of stuff on my keyboard. Wondering if theres a way to keybind more things?