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File: Wullie's UI04-23-15
Right Click
Posted By: Xoriuz
Dosn't seem like I can right click the target frame, for inspect/trade et.c Thinking if it was click trou but can't find out what it could be. Any idéas? Cherrio
File: Derevka UI09-17-11
Originally posted by derevka Hmmm...
Posted By: Xoriuz
Originally posted by derevka Hmmmm.... Thats a new one. havent heard that issue before. I can only guess maybe TidyPlates or Quartz isnt suppressing the default? Feelf ree to send me a screenshot via the number of forums im on or email I have available. I fixed the problem. But I do not remember how, It was some addon that...
File: Derevka UI09-14-11
I just downloaded this UI, LOVE IT,...
Posted By: Xoriuz
I just downloaded this UI, LOVE IT, Altho I have a problem with it I have 2 cast bars, and its not Quartz and not STUF, Its right ontop of my character. I followed the step by step but it didn't work, also If your from Europe and Want to use this, Go to the WTF map, open config.WTF in note pad and you wanna change the SET local...