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File: ZMobDB Advanced609-18-11
Bro...Dant... Ive wanted that sh...
Posted By: Massivefro
Bro...Dant... Ive wanted that shit for YEARS!!! Or however I've had the addon lol. Im talkin about SOOOOOO annoyin to have to keep my frames small in fear of accidentally clicking them in raid. You have made my WoW experience that much better! Thanks a lot!!!
File: ZMobDB Advanced609-16-11
Making the Image area Click Through...
Posted By: Massivefro
I wanted to ask if there was a way to make the images click through so that I can enlarge the images some. I currently have to cut the pictures off by keeping them small and out of my way of accidentally clicking on a non-clickable area when turning my screen, especially during raiding. Is that possible to configure, so that I can ma...