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File: Rufio UI Classic03-08-14
how to see the macro name
Posted By: feelthebeat
how can i make the addon to show the name of the macrto - now its just the icon of the skill and the number,keybind but i would like to see the name of the macro i am using .. from where and how to do this any help plz ?
File: Liadrin's UI for Shadow Priests09-17-11
okey mate its a nice pack tho but s...
Posted By: feelthebeat
okey mate its a nice pack tho but still there is a tiny problem ... i know how to set up the addons for the game but when i do copy/past addons to interface/addons and i restart the game there is a message like "unable to validate game version" i was told by Blizzard that is from the pack i was downloading is there a chance to tell m...
File: Rachen's UI - Shadow Preist09-17-11
dude your addon pack is totaly fuck...
Posted By: feelthebeat
dude your addon pack is totaly fucked up .. first if you are not playing in the US servers youll get error messages "Unable to validate game version,its possible to not have a game account attached to that battle.net account" second you are missing lots of profiles for the addons you its not possible to make out interface looks like...