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Originally posted by Nibelheim I...
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Originally posted by Nibelheim I think the only thing that interacts with that frame is PitBull. /pb > Modules > Hide Blizzard > Raid, Party. bah! i tried take different addons off, even pitbull, but it was no help. After that i installed ui from scrath, and still got bugspamm. Any ideas how i could try fix it, or ill just wait...
File: RealUI09-29-11
Hai! My buggrabber goes crazy every...
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Hai! My buggrabber goes crazy everytime i go to bg's/raids/dungeons and i dont understand what its trying to tell me. First i used arkinvetory and then disabled it and tried altholic, same bugspamm! 385. ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'ArkInventory' tried to call the protected function 'CompactRaidFrame22:SetPoint()'.
File: RealUI09-18-11
Focus target
Posted By: Sayroo
Is there way to see my focus targets resources (mana, energy etc.)? Also i would like to see target of my focus. RealUI is so prettyyy <3