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File: ForteXorcist09-05-16
Recently downloaded the files hesse...
Posted By: Reonah
Recently downloaded the files hessenbeaviz2k posted, havent noticed any compatibility issues myself yet, and for old xpac spells it works like a dream. However, using it on my rogue, I know for sure that Spell Timer does not track: -Crimson Vial -Shadow Dance -Shadow Blades -Shadowstep -Symbols of Death -Death -Nightblade -Ni...
File: ForteXorcist08-30-16
Forte / Prat chat help!
Posted By: Reonah
It seems that Forte isn't playing nice when it comes to BNet chat after Legion's prepatch came out. I use LUI along with Forte (and a number of other addons, including Prat) and whenever Forte is enabled, if a BNet friend messages me, I don't see the messages at all. The person's chat tab will appear in the tab bar, but no messages w...
File: ForteXorcist02-17-13
Config UI is Too Confusing
Posted By: Reonah
When I first installed FX, I said yes to automatic linking, I even checked 'Always link new profiles' and 'Always link new clones' in Advanced Options > Options Linking. Yet any time I try to link a new profile to the one I'm "trying" to make the master profile, nothing copies over and if I un-shift-click an option it messes it up in...
File: GupPet10-04-11
Worgen Druid Issues!!!!
Posted By: Reonah
I recently got a Worgen Druid to level 60 (thus I do not have any ground mounts). I bought the 3 gryphons available as well as Flight Form (buying Flight Form gave me Expert Riding) and the Flight Master's License. Every time I use the random mount button, it selects Travel Form, regardless of if "Use Travel Form while moving" is che...