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File: SLDataText10-18-12
Max Level in Exp module
Posted By: slippycrits
Small problem I noticed. Max level is still considered to be 85. Changed line 108 in Exp.lua from: if ( db.hideMaxLvl and ( UnitLevel("player") == 85 ) ) then to: if ( db.hideMaxLvl and ( UnitLevel("player") == 90 ) ) then Seems to be an easy fix.
File: Aurora09-27-12
Is it needed for the regular Auctio...
Posted By: slippycrits
Is it needed for the regular Auctioneer addon as well? If so I might add a check for both. As long as you're doing Auction House skins, maybe you can find time for an Auctionator skin? Even just tabs would be great. If not, maybe I can just figure out how to do it myself.
File: Routes09-12-12
Getting this error on logging into...
Posted By: slippycrits
Getting this error on logging into the game with routes loaded. Doesn't matter if the zone I'm logged in has a route or not. -- 8x Routes-v1.4.2\Modules\AutoShow.lua:21: table index is nil Routes-v1.4.2\Modules\AutoShow.lua:21: in main chunk Locals: -- I logged off in the middle of farming a route, and upon logging in...
File: Aurora09-11-12
slippycrits; This is a known bug wi...
Posted By: slippycrits
slippycrits; This is a known bug with the Blizzard UI which I can't do anything about. siweia; Where is that exactly? I can't see anything like it. Thanks, thought that might be the case.
File: Aurora09-10-12
Not sure if this is a problem with...
Posted By: slippycrits
Not sure if this is a problem with Aurora, the GlyphUI, or another addon; even though it is mentioned at the end of the error report; but I thought you could make better sense of this than I if it was. Don't know if it's actually causing any problems, but it likes to spam me with a ton of errors and complain that my UI is unstable. I...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-06-12
I've noticed while running LFDs sol...
Posted By: slippycrits
I've noticed while running LFDs solo while leveling on my mage that if everyone leaves the group before me and I am given leader, the leader indicator isn't removed from my UF. Joining another group removes the indicator. Haven't tested other indicators.
File: Aurora09-03-12
Saw the change log, and all I can s...
Posted By: slippycrits
Saw the change log, and all I can say is you're awesome! I'll test it out later and let you know how it goes. Edit: Works perfectly with ImprovedLootFrame from what I can tell! Thanks!
File: Aurora09-01-12
Compatibility with Improved Loot Fr...
Posted By: slippycrits
Compatibility with Improved Loot Frame by Cybeloras would be great; or even implementing that feature into Aurora, although that is probably outside the scope of this addon. With just Aurora, Improved Loot Frame, BugSack, BugGrabber, and Addon Control Panel; I get this error:...
File: RealUI10-10-11
Chat Font Size
Posted By: weeziggle
I've tried changing the font size through Chatter settings and by right clicking the chat tab and changing it there. It changes fine, but upon logout it seems to reset. Is there a way to save it?
File: RealUI10-06-11
Originally posted by Nibelheim Th...
Posted By: weeziggle
Originally posted by Nibelheim That's the correct position :) The stacks were displaying in the wrong buff. In this instance, my water shield stacks were displaying on my Earthliving weapon enchant icon. At first (I had applied it a few times), I thought I somehow stacked the buff. :p Here's a screenie. I realize my last pos...
File: RealUI10-06-11
Raven Icon Text
Posted By: weeziggle
Not sure if you got to this already, but I logged in today with r4 and the icon text on buffs were still showing up incorrectly. Stacks for buffs in the bar group "Buffs" are showing in the upper right corner of the icon to the right. To fix it I just changed the icon text anchor to "Center" instead of "Right." I see that you...