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File: MikScrollingBattleText06-02-16
Legion beta update soon*TM*?
Posted By: bartg71
Wondered if any work was being done on an update for Legion Beta .. would love to see one, default combat text is so bleh! am lost w/o my fav text addon
File: DejaView05-12-16
yup; didn't realize they were movea...
Posted By: bartg71
yup; didn't realize they were moveable in standard way, thx! problem solved!
File: DejaView05-08-16
looking good...
Posted By: bartg71
love this; wondering if UF's are moveable? they keep clipping over the edges of the action bars, no matter the UI scale used.
File: Blacksteel UI05-01-16
YAy, its alive! Love it-- found pos...
Posted By: bartg71
YAy, its alive! Love it-- found possible buggy-boo tho, maybe. In the micro-menu bar, there's no 'escape button' function. Question mark has 'escape' tooltip; but goes to the help/ticket browser. Maybe add 'options' button in row-- a cute gear icon perhaps? Will love playing w/this-- so well done!
File: nMainbar03-02-15
exp bar #s always visible?
Posted By: bartg71
love the addon! Is there a setting in the LUA config that I am missing to make the exp bar / rep bar text not mouseover-able? -- as in, always visible? Let me know if I'm perhaps not seeing something? Thx!
File: Clique01-06-15
Was wondering if anyone knew how to...
Posted By: bartg71
Was wondering if anyone knew how to turn off Clique integration on Player / Target / Target of Target and Focus frames when using Shadowed Unit Frames? I still want it to register for my raid / party frames, but not the others. Tried turning off Blizz frames integration like I do when I was using the default Blizz UF's but, that's...
File: Skada Damage Meter11-01-14
Problem creating windows
Posted By: bartg71
Ever since updating to the most recent version of Skada, upon logging back into the game, there are no default windows and attempting to create new ones simply fails. Anyone else having this problem? I deleted all previous WTF saved variables and installed fresh, same issue. Not sure how to fix.
File: Qarth UI08-04-14
Great work!
Posted By: bartg71
Love this UI!! Hope to see it updated as needed into Warlords. Keep up the great job!
File: OrlanHeal07-28-14
love this, but there's a spell missing
Posted By: bartg71
Tried this out earlier today as a Resto druid. Noticed that the glyphed mushroom, which is a targeted spell, doesnt have a 'bindable' option for click casting in the config. Could that be added please? Thx! Looks great otherwise! oh, and is there a way to resize or scale the ability icons on top of the raid / health frames? They see...
File: XPPercent06-21-14
addon wont work /sadface
Posted By: bartg71
would love to use this add on as well, but when I type 'xp' to show slash commands, or /xpunlock etc, nothing happens at all. I do not run any other addons for unit-frames so I don't have the same 'x-perl' problem as mentioned in the other comment here.
File: CompassHUD06-01-14
not saving position again...
Posted By: bartg71
Seems the position has started resetting again upon log out or reload-ui. Was working briefly, but now, not so much. Just wanted to give ya a heads up. /wave
File: CompassHUD05-29-14
Posted By: bartg71
Ty, works great! Keep up the great work w/your addons. Very helpful stuff.
File: CompassHUD05-28-14
saved position keeps 'moving'
Posted By: bartg71
The Addon is great, love it. Only issue I've seemed to encounter with it so far, is that whenever I reload UI or log out / back into the game, the placement of my compass resets to default location on screen. Happens on every character as well. Thought I'd let ya know, thx!
File: Qarth UI01-15-14
I think the new reso choice you add...
Posted By: bartg71
I think the new reso choice you added might work for me-- my max reso is 1600x900 so we'll see if this works out. Thx!
File: oUF LS01-14-14
talent / glyph swap taint
Posted By: bartg71
heya, case ya didn't find it yet, there seems to be a taint problem whenever you try to change a glyph or a talent choice while OUF_LS is active. Not sure if there is an easy fix, but yah, thought I'd let ya know. Loving' the addon, keep up the great work!
File: oUF LS01-14-14
fixed cast-bar issue, sorta-kinda
Posted By: bartg71
Well, I sorta found a dirty fix to my issue. I found the code that added the cast-bars and just removed the whole section-- so far, so good. Hope I didn't break anything else, we'll see. If there's a way to add a config line to toggle cast bars on and off for player / target however, that'd be awesome.
File: oUF LS01-14-14
Love the Layout / artwork-- really...
Posted By: bartg71
Love the Layout / artwork-- really clean and catchy. Was wondering however if there was a way to turn off the included cast-bars so I could use a more customizeable cast-bar addon as stand-alone? I turned off cast-bars on frames in the game options, but the 2 main cast-bars for target and player still show up. Any help would be grea...
File: Qarth UI01-14-14
love this UI, but can't use it, so sad
Posted By: bartg71
Love the ui layout and functionality. Honestly one of the first I've come across in ages to have exactly what I would have wanted in my perfect UI, but sadly its not in my resolution. Is there any way to get it to work at 16:9? or do you have any plans to scale it to other wide-screen reso's? Just asking because I really love the wo...
File: oUF_Bob01-08-14
portrait stuff
Posted By: bartg71
Mostly looking to have the 3d portrait able to be turned off entirely or the ability to remove any portrait at all, so its just the plain health / mana / power bar etc., if thats doable.
File: oUF_Bob01-08-14
able to turn 3D portraits off?
Posted By: bartg71
Love the Unit Frames w/built in xp/rep etc, works great. Only thing I was wondering howerver, is if there was a way to turn off the 3D portraits? Didn't see anything about portrait control in the config.lua unless I totally missed something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx!
File: bUnitFrames10-27-13
The unitframe settings are resettin...
Posted By: bartg71
The unitframe settings are resetting to default if you reload ui, and the mini map button vanishes and if you type /buf it acts like the addon itself isn't even loaded or active, even tho it's showing it is, in the addon list. And yes, this is since the most recent update-- as of today.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-22-13
help w/actionbar visibility?
Posted By: bartg71
Heya Zork, perhaps I am missing where to look in the config files, but is there a place to stop the 'side action bars' from being perma faded out and only showing when they are moused-over? Same w/the micro menu and bag bar etc? Would love to figure out also, if there is a way in the config to swap the orientation of the extra side a...
File: MikScrollingBattleText09-11-13
help w/static font size changing?
Posted By: bartg71
Hello, long time MSBT user here. Trying to see if there is a way to change the size of the font displayed for the 'static' frame. When I set font size for all the other frame-- incoming, outgoing, and notifications, the font size is fine. The size change doesn't apply to the static frame however... and it stays huge. Any way of fixi...
File: Dressing Room Functions07-12-13
Love the added space for viewing ou...
Posted By: bartg71
Love the added space for viewing outfits. Was wondering tho, if it is at all possible to get the 'pop out' menu / list for changing gear slots, to open outside the viewing room? Thats the main problem with Blizzard's UI window and thought maybe it could be adjusted somehow or swapped? Not an addon coder myself or I'd definitely work...
File: draeRaidFrames10-23-11
health % on raid frames?
Posted By: bartg71
Hello there, First off, love your add on for both the unit and raid frames. Was wondering if there was a way to change the health deficit #s to display health %'s instead on the raid frames. I looked briefly in the raid frames config.lua but didnt see anything that jumped out at me to swap, and I'm not all that experienced w/codi...