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File: ActionSwap 203-06-12
Re: Re: Share between characters
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I hope this helps! I'm sorry if it's not the solution you were looking for, but hopefully it's good enough! =) Awsome! Thanks a lot! XD
File: ActionSwap 202-22-12
Share between characters
Posted By: popnoart
I was looking for a addon to save action bars for months. I was using Action Bar Saver 2, but that addon save all buttons instead of some buttons like ActionSwap 2. So when I found yours almost made a dancing in my room :banana: But I miss something : sharing between characters. I'm a altholic and I want to have same bars across...
File: Action Bar Saver01-28-12
Love this addon
Posted By: popnoart
I would only add an option to save specific action bar, not all at the same time. Would be awsome!:banana: