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File: Clique04-04-11
Modifer Keys
Posted By: malsudon
I use LShift as my push-to-talk key in Ventrilo. I've been using the new keybind feature in Clique since the Cataclysm rewrite (which I love), and have noticed a conflict. For example, if I have "2" bound to Flash Heal for friendly units in Clique spells cast when I hover over a unit frame and push "2" unless I'm also trying to tal...
File: Paging02-14-11
Is this AddOn still being updated?
Posted By: malsudon
I love the idea of this AddOn, but have been experiencing some problems with it. I use the following header as a feral druid; ALT is my self-cast key: 11; 1; 9; 7; 2; 1; - First, sometimes the vehicle bar does not have the appropriate spells. I'll end up with one of bar 1, 2, 7, or 9's icons in the vehicle bar. - Second...
File: Goose04-30-09
Frame Mouseover
Posted By: malsudon
This looks like a very cool AddOn. I'm currently using Kong to hide frames unless the mouse is hovering over them. Is it possible to do that with any conditionals and Goose?
File: AutoBuff [Emerald]04-13-06
(inappropriate) feature request
Posted By: malsudon
I apologize for placing this here. I search for an AutoBuff thread in the "released" forum, but there wasn't one. Would it be possible to have the AutoBuff_Check() function (that gets called with /autobuff run) return true if a spell is cast and false if no cast was needed? I like to stack buffing with decursive with logic lik...