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Yeah, probably not. It's not a smal...
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Yeah, probably not. It's not a small change, especially to make it configurable. Maybe if PerfectRaid ever gets properly rewritten, but not likely before then. Would it be possible to keep the key features in a config file so that the user isn't forced to go through the code? PJ
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What precisely? That thread shows h...
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What precisely? That thread shows how to change several aspects of the visual layout. Exactly that. I am hoping to request a feature at which we can change several aspects of the visual layout, such as what is discussed in this thread, through the gui interface in-game. Key feature requests for options in the gui interface wou...
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Add to options?!
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Is there anyway that this can be implemented into the options? It's sort of a hassle to do this every time we update. http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11460 Is it also possible to add class roles to the name? i.e. 1 - (T)Bigboy 1 - (H)Biggirl 1 - (D)Bigbaby
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Re: Re: Strange Behavior with Clique and Blizzard Raid Frames
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Originally posted by flaicher I'd believe the problem is that Blizz's raid frames updates (or atleast tries to) when someone leaves/enters the battleground/raid while you're in combat which causes abnormal targeting. I had the same issue myself but seems that I got it fixed by changing to Grid as it doesn't update frame positions i...