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File: Mono UI05-01-12
Unkown Bar thingy?
Posted By: Ravensaber
Hello, great work on your ui. This is the first pre-made I have ever used and I love it.. I am wondering one thing though, there is a bar that framestack doesnt seem to recognize, and I cant figure out what it is. I would like to either disable it or move it.. http://sleekupload.com/uploads/5/barthing_1.png Also is there a...
File: VuhDo12-21-11
Posted By: Ravensaber
I just updated vuhdo today and in raids there is only one tank now? I looked around and did not see any setting to add more? Please how can i get both tanks back=)
File: dNamePlates12-12-11
Fint change?
Posted By: Ravensaber
Hello I love these nameplates, however I tried to change the font and it didnt take. I added the font to the dmedia folder and changed the localfont line to the new one...it still shows the original font.. Did I miss something else? (not lua fluent so i dunno..)
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-08-11
Boss Frames 2,3,4
Posted By: Ravensaber
I am trying to put the finishing touches on my UI, but I am having a problem with the boss frames. When I go to config mode I can only see Boss1. The others are not there. I have made sure they are all enabled.
File: shNameplates11-13-11
Custom border color
Posted By: Ravensaber
Forgive me as i am not super lua compliant, but is it possible to add a color code to a border? I did figure out how to get my own in there but its white and I would like to have a different color. Here is a snippet from the border area if that helps. cfg.backdrop = { bgFile = mediapath.."bg", edgeFile = mediapath....