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File: SexyCooldown 2 - FAN UPDATE06-29-14
errors and right clic doesn't show request
Posted By: chris972
Sorry for my bad english. I realized that I can't right clic to do a blizzard request because of this addon. And I have 2 errors in FrameXML.log about sexycooldown2 : 6/29 15:30:06.413 Error loading Interface\AddOns\SexyCooldown2\Libs\LibDataBroker-1.1\LibDataBroker-1.1.lua 6/29 15:30:06.413 Error loading Interface\AddOns\SexyC...
File: Altoholic11-25-11
(sorry for my english) For about 2...
Posted By: chris972
(sorry for my english) For about 2 weeks, I can't see anymore information in the item tooltip, telling me how much I have of this item on my others caracters. I had this before, and love it. Is there an option to activate (never found it) or is this a bug plz ?