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File: infMopTalentMacros05-10-14
Re: finally!
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one thing though, would it be possible to use it for macros in general? for something like: /cast tier_1; barkskin that would be amazing! =) I edited this addon to do exactly this! Just copy+paste the code below into the lua file (overwrite everything) It does the same as before, but in addition lets you specify cha...
File: Ion Action Bars11-29-11
As for now, I wrote a short fix to...
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As for now, I wrote a short fix to address the issue of "GetNumMacroIcons" being a nil-value. (use this at own risk) open Macaroon.lua and add these lines of code just before line 278 (local function updateMacroIconIndex()) local function l_GetNumMacroIcons() local ICON_PATH = GetMacroIcons(MACRO_ICON_FILENAMES) local n =...