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File: oUF_Freebgrid03-16-13
~Physical debuffs
Posted By: atomsforpeace
I'm having an issue with this addon when used as part of the Neav UI package. I'd like to disable physical debuffs from appearing on my frames as they are shown needlessly. Can anyone provide an insight?
File: Rufio UI Classic11-25-12
Posted By: atomsforpeace
What addon is responsible for the 'fatality!' noise from worms? Also, how do I change the anchor for the tooltip?
File: AftermathhUI10-28-12
Crashing issue
Posted By: atomsforpeace
WoW Client crashes everytime the flag is capped in WSG. Here's a snippet from the error report. Current Addon: AftermathhUI Current Addon function: AddMessage Current Addon object: ChatFrame1 It says that it failed to open file Declinedword.dbc How can I work around this chat printing error?
File: AftermathhUI12-17-11
Posted By: atomsforpeace
Is it possible to add debuffs to the enemy nameplates like Tidy Plates?
File: AftermathhUI11-30-11
Beautycase issues with Bartender.
Posted By: atomsforpeace
Hi there Aftermathh, great work on the UI. I've had it for a while now and I couldn't imagine myself using anything else. I'm having an issue with the new version though, i'm not getting the Beautycase borders around any of my bartender bars. Any reason for this? If there's a solution i'd be grateful if you could post some code an...