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File: Aloft02-07-12
Hi, i'm experiencing some kind of b...
Posted By: lbqpdl
Hi, i'm experiencing some kind of bug. When I log in, the 'show enemy nameplates' option is sometimes disabled. So I get in a BG or Heroic and can't see the nameplates - have to enable it almost every time. http://oi43.tinypic.com/259lgso.jpg Please help! Just press V (default) when you log in.
File: Aloft02-04-12
Re: Release: Aloft-4.4.6-2355
Posted By: lbqpdl
a new release of Aloft is available, pending moderator approval: Aloft-4.4.6-2355. this embeds the latest/greatest LibBabble-Faction-3.0, and fixes a (probably pretty old) bug with "Data Options" that was preventing the user from disabling retention of player class data. Thnx for the fix :)
File: Aloft02-01-12
Is there any way to disable caching...
Posted By: lbqpdl
Is there any way to disable caching players classes, the config file is currently enormous with with players classes, and i want to eliminate anything that might be causing my game to crash.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-10-12
Hi there, I have just moved the...
Posted By: lbqpdl
Hi there, I have just moved the WoW directory to a SSD, all of my addon settings were copied except from SUF, are the settings saved somewhere else? Edit: nvm the file just corrupted during transfer
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-03-11
Hi, for the last two days the range...
Posted By: lbqpdl
Hi, for the last two days the range indicator has not been functioning correctly, they will only update after I toggle range indicator, however it only updates once. Edit: caused by switching between 2 profiles (10-15/ 40 man raid), fixed with a UI reload ^^ p.s. thanks for this amazing addon, it's truly brilliant!