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File: FuBar - DurabilityFu01-14-07
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you may get the latest version on http://www.wowace.com/files/ or use this direct Link
File: tradeDispenser12-14-06
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Originally posted by Ohidosee Still have the wont spam to raid issue. It will send my spam everywhere else but not raid, when it's set to raid, it goes to party. uploaded version 1.01...
File: tradeDispenser12-13-06
ya, this is an old bug, fixed since...
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ya, this is an old bug, fixed since version 0.97... please get the latest version, thx
File: TransporterFu12-12-06
TransporterFU R.I.P.
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ok, today i tried to fix some of the bugs. everything worked fine... until everything gets fixed instead of ONE THING: CastSpellByName this function is used by TransporterFu, to open the portals (or teleport yourself). but since WoW 2.0.1, this function becames PROTECTED. so it could NOT be used by any other addon excep...