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File: TweakWoW08-05-09
Error message in 3.2
Posted By: Thoorleif
Hello :) Error message: : Couldn't find CVar named 'horizonfarclip': : ? : ? : ? : in function `SetCVar' TweakWoW-2.9.2\TweakWoW.lua:938: in function `SwitchGraphic' :"SWITCH":1: in function <:1> --- Thanks in advance and thanks for a great addon :) //Thoorleif
File: Bongos210-16-07
Bongos and Quartz
Posted By: Thoorleif
Hello all :) I have version 1.8.2 of Bongos2 and version 52125.1 of Quartz and it refuses to show for example the potions cooldowns in the action bars. I have tried all i can deleting Bongos and Quartz including the .lua files. Anyone who can help me plz. Is the problem with Bongos or Quartz. Thanks in advance //Thoorleif