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File: EventHorizon Continued07-23-16
Rogue complete config
Posted By: Neloangelo13
Didn't make it in time for your update but below i am pasting a full config of the rogue class. I have included talents with cooldowns and duration and artifact spells. One clarification though. On the Outlaw spec i moved the bars under the level 100 talents. The reason are the 6 different buffs that you can get via Roll the Bones...
File: EventHorizon Continued07-21-16
Eventhorizon Vitals and Subtlety Rogue config
Posted By: Neloangelo13
First of all thanks for the continuing support and also thanks for keeping this addon up to date for us, much appreciated. @Brusalk Since the prepatch launched the Eventhorizon_Vitals window doesn't appear. Did you make any changes regarding its window activation? I am using buggrabber and bugsack and no .lua errors pop when i l...
File: EventHorizon Continued03-12-12
Re: Re: Dat Hemo Bleed Debuff.....
Posted By: Neloangelo13
Posting from my phone, so bear with me. You'll want to use "uniqueID = 89775" instead of "unique = true". The unique flag signifies that the aura should be visible regardless of caster, while iniqueID looks for a specific id. Note that uppercase "ID" is case sensitive. Wow! I dont know what to say. It worked. I was looking other c...
File: EventHorizon Continued03-12-12
Dat Hemo Bleed Debuff.....
Posted By: Neloangelo13
Nothing from the other replies helped with this one. I am starting to freak out here... Ok lets see. I ve tried every possible config about the bleed effect that the Glyph of Hemo adds to the skill. I ve tried every single spellID but nothing seems to work. The only result that i get back is the tracking of the additional bleed dama...
File: EventHorizon Continued01-19-12
Blade Flurry
Posted By: Neloangelo13
Ok my head is about to explode! I need a bit help with the Blade Flurry ability of rogues. What i want to do is to track if the ability is toggled or not. They changed it and now u toggle it on and off at will and if u want to reactivate it there is a cooldown on it. Tbh i dont care about the cd of the skill itself but i want my bars...
File: EventHorizon_Vitals01-13-12
Re: Re: Death Knight's Rune Cooldown
Posted By: Neloangelo13
I'm familiar with the new rune mechanics, but unfortunately I have no idea what would be involved for a fix. I'll take a look sometime in the next few days, but for now I would recommend finding a small rune timer and disabling rune cooldowns via config.lua. You can do this by setting ns.config.runeCooldown (line 38 in config.lua)...
File: EventHorizon_Vitals01-11-12
Death Knight's Rune Cooldown
Posted By: Neloangelo13
First of all i would like to thank you for this great addon. Like a guy said before me this addon really helped my performance in raids. Now about my problem. Like you i havent played WoW for one year now. Recently i decided to start again and one of the core things i had to do was to set my addons working again. Everything went...