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File: sqwUnitframes08-19-13
Re: Holy Power?
Posted By: squelchywelchy
I like these (along with your nameplates!), but one issue I've noticed. I'm testing on the PTR and haven't tried on Live yet, so I'm not sure if anything changes for 5.4. I constantly have 5 Holy Power! As a pally, I wish this were the case all the time, ha. Reply: As a temporary measure until I understand why this issue has ar...
File: oUF_Karma12-10-12
Posted By: squelchywelchy
Hi, Any plans to release your UI (or at least the bottom textures) as per the 2nd screenshot on the karma addon. I like that the boxes have the same hooks as per the unit frame mana/power & that the same text/colouration is also used giving a neat/uniform look.