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File: Kripp UI Mop Beta08-18-13
Has anyone else had issues with bch...
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Has anyone else had issues with bchat just not working anymore? Even when I have enable out of date addons. I just wanted to see if anyone had a fix for it.
File: Kripp UI Mop Beta01-15-12
Does anyone know where the Extra bu...
Posted By: slothswag
Does anyone know where the Extra button is in dominos? cuz I kinda need to hit it when i raid DS and i cant find the button D: or find it on dominos
File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108012-19-11
Re: Re: Re: Screen Size
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you can try playing with the UI scale. You may have an acceptable looking result. If you want everything to look like it does in the screenshots, it will take some work. kripp i used to have your ui til i updated it when you put out a new one never had a problem when i would set it up but since then it wont line up no matter what i...