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File: DocsNameplates12-22-11
Is there a way to disable the click...
Posted By: peacemasta
Is there a way to disable the clickable friendly nameplates? The whitening of the nameplates of mouseover is kinda ugly! And is it possible to change the layer of the plates, because its overlapping the chat bubbles; maybe by editting one of the luas? thanks in advance
File: eNameplates12-21-11
Please add an option to show only n...
Posted By: peacemasta
Please add an option to show only names on friendly units and no bars. I guess there are many people who would appreciate that. Thanks in advance
File: shNameplates12-21-11
Friendly Plates - No Bars
Posted By: peacemasta
I love your Addon. But I play 25 man raid and 25 healthbars are too much to take. Would you mind adding an option to hide the friendly healthbars, so only the names are visible in the classcolor? I guess that's something many people would appreciate. Thanks in advance.