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File: CoolLine06-18-16
Does not show any cooldowns
Posted By: 2ndHouse
I love the idea of this addon, but it does not work at all for me. Tested on both my level 100 resto shaman and resto druid. The timer bar shows, but no spells with cooldowns are displayed at all. I tried messing around with various options, but nothing fixed it. Maybe the change you made in v6.2.002 broke spell detection?
File: Grid11-05-14
Re: Re: Showing tanks first
Posted By: 2ndHouse
That's on the to-do list... Thanks for the reply. That's even better, was hoping for healers shown after tanks too, but the tanks are a more important feature to me. Hope you can get that worked in soon.
File: Grid11-04-14
Showing tanks first
Posted By: 2ndHouse
Hi Phanx, Wondering if there is anyway through Grid or a Grid plugin to always show tanks first for every layout/party size? I seen one plugin called ConfigurableLayouts possibly offered this, but according to its Curse page comments it needs updated for 6.0 and no longer works. I'm currently using Grid2, but it's sorting featu...
File: PhanxBuffs01-12-12
Tooltip strata
Posted By: 2ndHouse
I'm not really sure if this is a problem with PhanxBuffs or Broker LFG, but the tooltip for Broker LFG when you are in que (the one that shows if you are waiting for a tank, healer, dps) is hidden under my PhanxBuffs. The tooltip needs to be on top of PhanxBuffs. The normal Broker tooltip displays fine (before I joine a que), but onc...