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File: EventHorizon Continued01-16-12
Re: Re: Hasted Dots
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On a related note, I probably wouldn't object to a GTC or access to a spare account from anyone interested in a massive update/rewrite. I have the free time to do so now, just no real desire to reactivate my account aside from that purpose. Glad to hear it, started thinking about switching addon and felt a small moment of panic :)...
File: BagSync01-05-12
Sorry for delayed response but I'm...
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Sorry for delayed response but I'm out of town. Last time I tried it, it worked perfectly fine for me. Make sure your typing it something like this /bgs boa, or in the search field in the search window type boa and press enter. I've never really had a problem using the search algorithms. No worries, I thought you answered quite...
File: BagSync01-01-12
I can't get boa, ilvl or q:2 search...
Posted By: brynjolf
I can't get boa, ilvl or q:2 search to work at all. How would I go about debugging it?