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File: MaoR UI04-27-17
If you´re going eventually translat...
Posted By: moor2
If you´re going eventually translate to english, could you also switch the HP/Mana values from hex to dec?Thats the only thing that´s currently irritates me most.
File: Altz UI for Legion03-22-14
Re: wow...
Posted By: moor2
This is an amazing ui. I love the vibrant colors!!!:):):) I just have a few things I would like to ask about. 1. Chat seems to reset itself after RL, or logout=( 2. Is it possible to resize the minimap? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!! 1. yeah it does, even after any loading screen tho. 2. yes. Config...
File: Altz UI for Legion09-15-13
I have some tips for this awesome U...
Posted By: moor2
I have some tips for this awesome UI.. the minimap buttonds tends to sort out ouf bounds if there are too many, i had to move whole minimap to click on the addon being able to choose background for chat Bartender for action bars?