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File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)02-08-12
in arenas i'm having problems with...
Posted By: eternalYouth
in arenas i'm having problems with my focus target's cast bar. sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not. i have sUF for frames. i was wondering if there is a known issue or if anyone else has had this problem.
File: CooldownToGo01-27-12
Re: Re: Great Addon!
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i did what you suggested and it's working perfectly! thanks again! and after thinking about it, it's really not necessary to add support for omnicc if i can just move the text myself within the actual icon. is there any way to do this (adjust the positioning of the text) so that the cool down timers show up on top of the icons?...
File: CooldownToGo01-16-12
Great Addon!
Posted By: eternalYouth
I created an account here JUST to tell you how incredibly useful this addon is. I used to use doom pulse, but this is better for me because I hide my action bars (36 bindings :eek:). Keep up the great work. The only thing I could think of to suggest is maybe allowing us to turn off certain parts of the notifications. I don't re...