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File: IceHUD01-22-12
The IceHUD art is the best, and I r...
Posted By: DeadMG
The IceHUD art is the best, and I really like the look. Pity that the hitboxes aren't a match. Perhaps I'll just increase the distance between them. Less awesome, but it'll do. Are you saying it needs the vertical feature added or you need something else? (sorry, I haven't had an active subscription in quite a while, so my memory...
File: IceHUD01-21-12
Bug in click-to-target
Posted By: DeadMG
I'm playing a healer in groups whilst levelling. I have set up IceHUD to have the four health bars for party1, party2, party3, party4 sequentially on the left using DogTags. The health bars themselves work flawlessly, but the click to target functionality does not- namely, two bars next to each other correspond to one player, and one...