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File: Arena Announcer08-18-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Audio
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I take it this is for beta folks only? Is there a pre wotlk version avail?
File: bgTrack08-08-08
Re: Great idea.
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Any way to view the data locally?
File: XLoot12-10-07
I got an error on the last build.
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What do I need to do to de-noob myself? : XLoot-0.9.39822\XLoot.lua:90: AceHook-2.1: Attempt to hook a non-existant function "LootButton_OnModifiedClick" AceAddon-2.0-46764 (Ace2):927: in function : ? AceEvent-2.0-56171 (Ace2):263: in function `TriggerEvent'...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)04-20-07
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Smokin mod! My only request/suggestion is to add a flag to filter out lvl 1 characters (spammers).
File: aUF_Layouts04-16-07
Originally posted by mulesh Perha...
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Originally posted by mulesh Perhaps you have an older version of agUF? Perhaps you have another addon that is interfering with agUF? I suggest posting on the WoWAce Unit Frames forum for more help. http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?board=56.0 Guildie just made the same suggestion, and WHADDAYA KNOW... I had a 2.x vers...
File: aUF_Layouts04-16-07
Originally posted by mulesh Hmm.....
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Originally posted by mulesh Hmm..no, theres no other steps that I know of. Do you have any minimap icon addons? Maybe that is messing with ag_UnitFrames minimap icon, keeping it from showing. There are some slash commands in agUF that might help. /aguf minimapAttach This will toggle showing of the agUF minimap icon /aguf...
File: aUF_Layouts04-16-07
Originally posted by mulesh There...
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Originally posted by mulesh There are two ways to access the ag_UnitFrames menu. 1. Minimap If ag_UnitFrames is installed correctly, you will see its minimap icon on your minimap. Clicking this icon will open the ag_UnitFrames menu. Mouse over the name of the frame you wish to modify and then mouse over Layout for that frame, t...
File: aUF_Layouts04-15-07
Originally posted by Vamplil Hi,...
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Originally posted by Vamplil Hi, excuse my ignorance, but how do I change layouts? I've only just installed ag_uf and this addon because I saw a screen shot, and liked the look of them. But I have no idea how to change the layout. Thanks. EDIT: Nvm, I just found the addon on Fubar. Now I feel so embarrased :o I do not...
File: rMCP03-20-07
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What was in the update?
File: RicoMiniMap01-23-07
Originally posted by Kahoona When...
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Originally posted by Kahoona When I load the addon it is stretched out the entire length of my screen...and I cant view the config through /rmm config Same - /rmm config did nothing, but i was able to put the mod in standby using the chat command.
File: Soundtrack12-09-06
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Thanks a ton M, I will check it out tonight.
File: Soundtrack12-05-06
2.0 Update?
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PoooooLEEEESE tell me that this mod is getting updated for 2.0.
File: Soundtrack06-25-06
Snagged from UI. Morricone June...
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Snagged from UI. Morricone June 23 5:04PM Hi everyone, I am writing this from Ashford Castle in Ireland where I am attending a wedding. I will fix the addon as soon as I return home next Tuesday!
File: Soundtrack06-21-06
Oh bummer... Well hopefully the bi...
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Oh bummer... Well hopefully the big M can figure this out. I didn't realize how much I came to enjoy my own music for events/zones until last night when I tried to play without it.