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File: FreeUI07-01-12
Bags overlap minimap
Posted By: wowunderachiever
When my bags open, they open locked in place and part of them are covered by the mini-map. Also, and I don't know if this is a FreeUI specific problem, for some reason I cannot map my Open all bags to ctrl-shift-B but I can map them to shift-b, shift-alt-b, etc. I can map other things to shft-ctrl-x
File: REPorter - Battleground Map06-28-12
Please save position
Posted By: wowunderachiever
The placement of my map is always in the center when I enter a battleground - maybe this is only when I've logged out since last time being there - so anyway, the first thing I have to do when I enter a BG is place the map back where I want it. Can you make it so that once I've placed it, it stays there between logons? I love e...
File: AdvancedIconSelector02-15-12
You have solved a problem that has...
Posted By: wowunderachiever
You have solved a problem that has peeved me the entire time I have played World of Warcraft! I don't know if I'm a perfectionist or what but when I make a macro that wouldn't employ #showtooltip I waste a lot of time hunting through the multitude to find just the right one. Your addon makes the process much quicker and produces m...