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File: Bodyguard Focus Alert03-03-15
Things I don't understand
Posted By: Barleduq
I think I'm failing to understand the difference between target and focus. When I've chosen something as a focus, it always goes away when I target something to attack. When my bodyguard is fighting, it's usually because I'm fighting, and thus targetting something.... what functionality/setup am I missing?
File: KeepingTabs03-03-15
It opens onto the PVP tab, not the...
Posted By: Barleduq
It opens onto the PVP tab, not the Dungeons&Raids tab. Not if you actually use the keybind for the dungeons and raid tab. ;) .... which is? All I can find is the capital I that opens that pane, opening it onto PVP. Please enlighten me? -Bar
File: KeepingTabs03-01-15
That's cool. Then I'll look for som...
Posted By: Barleduq
That's cool. Then I'll look for something else that might have the dungeon finder pane open up to the dungeons section rather than the pvp section. Looking forward to the update when you get around to it! Just use the keybind for that tab. It opens onto the PVP tab, not the Dungeons&Raids tab.
File: Overachiever03-01-15
I have the latest version. I just g...
Posted By: Barleduq
I have the latest version. I just got the 500 Draenic Seed achievement. When I clicked on it to see what it did, the achievement window opened up, on the left nav bar the Professions line was highlighted, and in the main window all the achievements were For The Alliance! and highlighted as if I've done it. (Which I haven't.) Also, th...
File: KeepingTabs03-01-15
That's cool. Then I'll look for som...
Posted By: Barleduq
That's cool. Then I'll look for something else that might have the dungeon finder pane open up to the dungeons section rather than the pvp section. Looking forward to the update when you get around to it!
File: KeepingTabs02-27-15
Does this need to be updated for WoD?
Posted By: Barleduq
I'd like to keep using this - does it need to be updated? I haven't really checked on the social/guild pane, but on the dungeon finder pane I've noticed that clicking the buttons seems to have no effect. If you're not going to be supporting it anymore, no problem! I'll just remove it and go back to the hotkeys/micromenu buttons.
File: Binds When?02-27-15
No request here!
Posted By: Barleduq
Just thanks! I don't use any bag addon, so I'm assuming it will Just Work. :D
File: FluidFrames02-26-15
Posted By: Barleduq
Has this been updated for Draenor? (and why are the updates not showing on the main page, but rather in 'other files'?)
File: BulkOrder - Work Orders Automated02-25-15
Bulk Orders Future?
Posted By: Barleduq
Now that the work order interface has the 'do all' button, are you intending to continue this addon?
File: Garrison Mission Manager02-12-15
Error popped
Posted By: Barleduq
ETA: Looking at the screen shot, it seems that most of the elements I'm talking about might come from the other addon I have, called Master Plan (which is, unfortunately, only on Curse, as far as I can tell). I'll report it there, too, but since the addon noted in the bug reporter I have (swatter) is GMM, I'm leaving it here, also....
File: Grail02-09-15
Yes, a Grail thing. And the data h...
Posted By: Barleduq
Yes, a Grail thing. And the data has already been updated in one of the prereleases of Grail. I just checked the data, and if it is not in the current PR2, it will be in the next one that comes out. Awesome. If I find things in the future, would you rather I report here, or in some other fashion? I believe, at one point, we were...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times02-08-15
Iron Siegeworks again
Posted By: Barleduq
Well, I found out that Iron Siegeworks is a destination for one of the (alliance side) "Strategic Assault Choice" dailies, now that I've just dinged 100. And so, without having been given any instructions on what to do, I recalled the flight point and chose that for the day. And got this error as soon as the taxi flew off to the Iron...
File: Grail02-07-15
My apologies for not posting on wow...
Posted By: Barleduq
My apologies for not posting on wowcurse forum, but my machine is old and my browser doesn't get along with their site. Taking my second toon through the Assault on the Dark Portal, I happened to take a moment to breathe (grin) and opened the map. I saw three daily quests on the map (blue !), and hovering over them gave me "A Pot...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times02-06-15
Wondering if you play on alliance s...
Posted By: Barleduq
Wondering if you play on alliance side, I am Horde and i cant find Iron Siegeworks in my flight map list. Did you just discover the area or had the flight master there the green "!" over his head and you had to discover him too? And the id thing i am already looking into there are more id reported. I am playing Alliance on thi...
File: DragEmAll02-05-15
Another vote for the Garrison Missi...
Posted By: Barleduq
Another vote for the Garrison Missions pane to be movable. Please?
File: Wholly02-04-15
Offering info to help
Posted By: Barleduq
Nimh, you replied to a previous post, that the extraneous (to me) yellow ! on the map are there because faction information (among other things) is needed for Grail to be able to distinguish. What exactly do you mean? Is it that Grail cannot tell if a quest is flagged for Horde or Alliance? Looking up many of the quest names and...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times01-25-15
Garrison to Iron Siegeworks, error popped
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm Level 96. I've done most of Shadowmoon Valley (i haven't finished Defense of Karabor) and I was working on completing Gorgrond before moving on to do the actual questing in Talador (even tho I built the outpost there). I saw the flightpoint for Iron Siegeworks when I talked to the Flight Master in my Garrison, and decided to see...
File: DailyChecklist01-24-15
Re: Fan Update
Posted By: Barleduq
I've update this addon and released it as "Daily To Do" New Features: Optional: Mutually exclusive with Bliz Quest frame. To make it easier for others, the link for that is DailyToDo You're welcome. -Barleduq
File: TomTom01-10-15
TomTom creating waypoint in wrong place
Posted By: Barleduq
This has happened a few times over the last few days, when I've been playing a low-ish level toon - L19-23. I complete a quest, and TomTom automatically makes a waypoint for the turn-in. It puts it in a the wrong place. So far only a bit to the side. Here's a link to a picture of the minimap showing my arrow pointing to the correct...
File: SanityCheck12-17-14
Love the hunter skin!
Posted By: Barleduq
I logged into my hunter for the first time in ages, just to check what you've done. I had the screen element under my chat bar, and when I changed it to the hunter skin, it partially covered the chat bar. And wouldn't move. I checked, no... nothing in the config for moving or not. I changed it back to the classic skin, and could mov...
File: TomTom12-14-14
Can you tell me which version is ne...
Posted By: Barleduq
Can you tell me which version is newer, TomTom-v60000-1.1.1-beta or the TomTom-v60000-1.1.0 you referenced yesterday. I downloaded the beta you're referring to on Dec 6th. The one listed here is dated Dec 13th. -Bar
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?11-06-14
Tainted path...
Posted By: Barleduq
In Darkmoon Faire, clicked on the horsheshoes in the tracker to shoe Baby (blacksmithing quest). Date: 2014-11-06 13:16:16 ID: 2 Error occured in: AddOn: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn Who Framed Watcher Wabbit attempted to call a forbidden function (UseQuestLogSpecialItem()) from a tainted execution...
File: PetLeash11-03-14
Not at all a complaint! Petleash settings vanished
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm not sure if it was something in the patch, or in the update here for the patch; I finally noticed that I hadn't seen *any* pets out, and went to look, and all my weightings had been lost. They were all set to 'never'. Now, that's the *correct* default - I'm not complaining! I just wanted to post something in case other people had...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant11-03-14
Wrong Zones
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm pretty sure I have the latest version, at least on here. :/ The tool tip obtained when hovering over the minimap button, and the one over the digsites in the digsite window, both list the incorrect zones for the digsites. For example, Witherbark Digsite is displayed as being in the Badlands, Tomb of the Watchers is in Blasted La...
File: Fishing Buddy10-27-14
Updated on Curse 15.October 2014
Posted By: Barleduq
to version 1.4d - the one here is 1.4b In 1.4b (updated 30 June 2014) the folders FB_Broker, FB_MregeDatabase, FB_OutfitDisplayFrame, FB_Titan, FB_TrackingFrame, and FuBar_FishingBuddyFu were still being distributed. *sigh*