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File: sBinder04-22-12
Hi there. I have worked out how...
Posted By: Ararlis
Hi there. I have worked out how to use Tukui party frames. But when ever I go into a raid u get a ULA error about sBinder not being able to anchor onto itself. Message: Interface\AddOns\sBinder\core.lua:369: TukuiRaidHealerGridUnitButton1_cbf:SetPoint(): trying to anchor to itself Time: 04/18/12 17:37:19 Count: 12 Stack: : i...
File: sBinder03-28-12
Thanks! I cant wait to see how w...
Posted By: Ararlis
Thanks! I cant wait to see how well it works with Tukui!
File: sBinder02-07-12
Tukui Raid/Party Frame Support
Posted By: Ararlis
Hi there! This is a really great addon. I much prefer it to Clique. Is there any way of making this addon recognize the raid/party frames of Tukui? If so could you show me how. Cheers :)