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File: MayronUI Gen510-14-14
What do I do to change my talents....
Posted By: Tojirou
What do I do to change my talents. Games says only Blizzard UI can do the actions and wants me to Disable the ui. What can I do to fix this. thank you
File: MayronUI Gen511-09-12
Re: Re: Re: Money totals
Posted By: Tojirou
Hello, which addon is it that shows me the money I have across my characters when I hover over my gold in my bags? Is there a way to remove a character's gold totals there? Thanks! I removed that feature in the latest update however it is controlled with SLData Text. Type "/sldt config" and right click on the gold for its options...
File: Nifra's Interface Pack (CaithUI Rendition)02-08-12
Posted By: Tojirou
When you were going to get the 1620x1080 resolution files? Is it possible to change the files to recognize a lower resolution? I really want to use this interface but trying to move everything to fit my screen becomes a nightmare when panels do not match up to the UI. Help please Nifra? Tthanks:D